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Oskaras Kalinauskas – a former professional tennis player who has discovered a padel and it doesn’t run anymore 🙂 He is one of the main enthusiasts of padel development in Lithuania. Oscar is a member of the Lithuanian padel men’s national team. He is training the padel players of all ages and abilities at the Vinius Padel Club, organises tournaments.

Oskaras speaks in: Lithuanian, English.

Vaida Jasinevičienė about the Oscars: I had the opportunity to train with several coaches, in various trainings – from group to individual trainings. I would single out the Oscar as an extremely versatile coach for any level of player: from beginner to master. The purposeful work of the coach, patience and attentiveness in analyzing the individual characteristics of the player and adjusting the style of play gives tangible results. The unplayed respect of the coach for the player and the good atmosphere on the field motivate and inspire 🙂

Titas Mikelevičius

Call: +370 (605) 02 308 (English)

Titas Mikelevičius is a multiple-time Lithuanian tennis champion who practices tennis and padel. Titas plays padel more than 6 years. Titas is a member and was a captain of padel team of the Lithuanian Padel  Federation. Titas about the padel: “Padel gives me the ability to apply tennis tactical knowledge, but padel teaches me more about patience, focus and versatility. I need to predict the opponent’s movements and the trajectory of the balls they hit so I can make the right decisions when bouncing the ball. My dream is to play WPT (World Padel Tour) and now I am contributing to the development and promotion of this game in Lithuania. I am trainning players of all levels, both beginners and those who want to improve in this sport. I am improving my practical knowledge by playing in Lithuania and participating in tournaments abroad: Italy, Spain, Poland. ”

Call: +370 (609) 19 530 (English, Russian)

Dmitry Pavlov (Dima as he likes) is an always smiling coach who ignites all the players who train with him with his energy. If you doubt, if you are afraid, then Dima will dispel all doubts for you.  Many players describe him as a positive coach who makes you laugh at your mistakes 🙂 and improve with each workout.

Dima speaks in  Lithuanian, Russian, English

Dima about the padel:

“Padel’s training gives me the opportunity to meet interesting people who always surprise me and confirm that padel can be played by anyone. In training people, I realized that padel doesn’t need exceptional physical data, just pay to hit the ball over the net and can play with players of his level, but TRAINING IS NECESSARY, because otherwise you will be at the elementary level 🙂 “